Documents needed to buy property in Spain:

Spanish tax identification number NO * (numero de identificacion de estranjero). You do not need to apply for it immediately after starting cooperation with us. It is only when you decide to buy and book a specific property that we will proceed to submit documents to obtain this number.
Confirmation of opening an account with a Spanish bank
Passport or ID card
Copy of passport or ID card

Purchase of real estate in Spain for a legal person, company, cooperative, foundation

If you want to buy real estate for a legal entity, additional documents will be required. Their list will depend on the form of business activity. Each time we provide you with a list of documents tailored to your specific case.


Taxes and costs for purchasing real estate

The cost of buying real estate in Spain is around 13%
The components are:

10% transfer tax
Notary fees, registration in books of about 3%


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